Yoga is amazing.  The effect it has on our bodies and our minds makes it more than an activity or a ”workout” – it is an experience, and one I am so lucky to share with others.

I took my first yoga class 13 years ago and did so because someone had told me it would be a tough workout.  The class lived up to the physical challenge I was hoping for and I was hooked.  I couldn’t quite place it at the time but I knew there was something more that had me coming back to class.  Having grown up as a dancer, gymnast, and springboard diver, I soon realized I was drawn to a personal practice that doesn’t involve competition.  That freedom gave me the chance to simply love to move!

I want the experience of yoga to be freeing, refreshing and fun for everyone.  I feel incredibly privileged to be a teacher and to be given the opportunity to play a part in the discovery and exploration of yoga for others.  For me, the practice of yoga is one that celebrates having a student’s heart and a curious mind. I believe every teacher of yoga should continue to be a student of yoga.  I have been lucky to have phenomenal teachers throughout my journey and they have influenced my personal practice and teaching style in every way.  Kimberley Dashiell Danza, Mark Stephens and Jillian Glikbarg are wonderful examples of teachers who truly dedicate themselves to enhancing lives, furthering the knowledge base of yoga in our communities, and being actively engaged as mentors to their students.

There are a vast number of styles under the Hatha yoga “umbrella”, offering students an endless path to explore.  My training is in Vinyasa Flow yoga and I believe it is the dancer in me that is naturally drawn to this flowing and creative style of yoga.  In my teaching I try to prioritize mindful sequencing – building a path that moves the body from one asana to another in a safe and fluid way.  I enjoy offering my students a nurturing place to learn, a playground to push the edge in the physical practice, and a grounding space to find balance and calm.

I am a RYT-200 certified instructor through Yoga Alliance.