“Amy has a unique knack at fine tuning poses and postures for her individual students. When I first started taking Amy’s classes I was out of “yoga” shape and needed instructions for a beginner. As I grew stronger, Amy challenged me in a way that let me grow and develop without making me feel over my head. I haven’t found a hands on, one-on-one instructor like this before. She’s truly one of a kind!”

“Amy is a great yoga instructor.  Her classes are fun, provide a great workout, and she is a very knowledgeable yoga instructor.  Whether you’re new or experienced with yoga I highly recommend taking a class with Amy.”

 ”I love the mix of yoga and fitness Amy combines in class.  I’ve always been intimidated by large group classes because I was new to yoga and the few classes I’d tried in the past I just didn’t enjoy or feel comfortable at.  Amy explains each move to everyone and makes sure everyone is following along and having a good time.”

“It’s a small intimate class and Amy is a great instructor!”

“Because it is time to get fit and healthy! This has got to be the very best way to do it comfortably, inexpensively, and with others who have the very same goals in mind.”

“This was an awesome class! I have limited yoga experience and Amy was so helpful and knowledgeable. I feel like I got a lot of attention and I will definitely be back!”